Why the Roanoke Beautification Foundation?

The Roanoke Beautification Foundation was founded in the late 1990s to provide a location for supporters of Roanoke, Indiana, to donate funds that could be used to perpetuate all the things that make Roanoke such a great place to live. The Foundation was created to lower the burden on the Town of Roanoke as capital improvements are needed on the picturesque Main Street and throughout the community.

As the Foundation's corpus increases, the earnings generated allow for larger endeavors to be undertaken, whether it involves projects such as the installation of more street lights or pedestrian bridges at Roanoke Park.

All of the money donated to the Roanoke Beautification Foundation goes to improving our beloved hometown, Roanoke.

Meet our incredible board members below!
Ruth is retired and lives with her husband in Roanoke. In addition to the Roanoke Beautification Foundation, she currently serves on the boards of A Renaissance in Roanoke, LaFontaine Arts Council, and the Vice Presidential Learning Center. She is the treasurer of her Home Owners Association and is active with several other boards and committees.Ruth stated, "Roanoke is a beautiful little community and I want to share in that beauty. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. As a group, we can continue to make it flourish."
Ruth Marsh, President
Nate is the founder and owner of Reusser Design, an award-winning technology company, located in the heart of downtown Roanoke. He is married to his lovely wife, Julie, who works with Nate as the vice president of Reusser Design. Together, they have three beautiful daughters: Vivian, Willow, and Josie. Nate also serves on the board for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and as an elder for Emmanuel Community Church. Nate enjoys the opportunity to preserve and uphold the history and beauty of Roanoke, home to his family for multiple years and to his thriving business.
Nate Reusser, Secretary
Larry and his wife live in Huntington with their two dogs. They have one grown son and two grandsons. Larry is the owner of Spokesmen Cycling which re-located to Roanoke in 2017. He currently serves as a Huntington County Commissioner.Larry stated, "Roanoke is a uniquely charming and appealing community. RBF has played a major role in our success. Serving as a Board Member allows me to contribute and be a part of that effort."
Larry Buzzard, Member
Greg is retired and resides in Roanoke with his wife Jo. They are the parents of two adult children and have four grandchildren. In addition to serving the Roanoke Beautification Foundation as Treasurer, he is a member of the Roanoke Board of Zoning Appeals and is a Vice-President of the Roanoke Village Home Owners Association. Greg has a long history with Roanoke starting in the mid-1970s as the Town's Waterworks Superintendent. More recently he has been a member of the Roanoke Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. "With very valuable input from the community, we hope to craft a document to guide the direction and quality of life that is Roanoke".
Greg Morris , Treasurer
Mat is a lifelong resident of Roanoke. He attended the University of St. Francis, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Mat has worked in the financial industry for 15 years and has spent the past 12 years with Bippus State Bank. Mat has served on several boards including the REMC Board of Directors, Parkview Huntington Hospital Foundation, Roanoke Chamber, United Way of Huntington County and the American Red Cross.
Mat Quickery, Member
Alice owns and operates Joseph Decuis, a five star restaurant in downtown Roanoke. She is a graduate of Denison University with a degree in theatre. She has been instrumental in the restoration of Roanoke's downtown historic district. She is active in many community boards and charities.
Alice Eshelman, Member
John and his wife, Rachel, live on the outskirts of Roanoke with their three children. John works at Edward Jones in Roanoke as a Financial Advisor. In addition to the Roanoke Beautification Foundation, John currently serves on the boards of Parkview Huntington Hospital, The Huntington Community Foundation, and Roanoke Youth Sports. He is a member of Huntington's Rotary Club and is an active volunteer and supporter for many events in Roanoke.John takes great pride in Roanoke and he understands that it is important for the Roanoke Beautification Foundation to continue the legacy that previous members of the community started in the late 1980's when they transformed Roanoke into what we see and appreciate today.
John Nelson, Member
Richard Waterfield is pleased to be a permanent part of the Roanoke community. He states that Roanoke represents the great Hoosier values he believes in and is the reason he moved his business, Waterfield Enterprises, to Roanoke from Los Angeles. He respects the Eshelman family’s long-standing commitment to Roanoke and is honored they brought Waterfield in to continue their legacy by preserving Roanoke’s history and values. Waterfield ™ is a diversified global holding company serving over 300 organizations, including over 30 Fortune 500 companies.
Richard Waterfield, Member
Phil grew up just west of Roanoke (hometown) and played sports in the community. After College, Phil worked with an engineering firm that was the Town’s Engineer for 22 years. In 2016, Phil was the Superintendent of Operations until May 2021 and then took a position with Huntington County as the Facility Manager at the O’Donnell Center. Phil has served on various Boards; 4-H Ops, Huntington County Council – District 1, Region 3a, EMS Advisory, Huntington County Solid Waste, and Huntington County Economic Development (HUCED). During his employment with Roanoke, he was the Town’s liaison for many groups and organizations. He's honored to give back and watch Roanoke, his hometown, flourish and grow.
Phil Hibbert, Member